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Thanks Jane for the book "101 Ways to Win a Woman's Heart". I think it has worked - we are now back together again. And I will continue to use your book to make sure I am always winning her heart. I'm now going to suggest to my 25 year old son he reads it.
All the best.
A, Western Australia

I have read hundreds of books and I thought your books were really simple and something different. The messages are simple and constructive.
- J Grant, California USA

  “Thank you Jane for the beautiful    conversation last night. It meant the    world to me.Thanks again, and god    bless you”

Warm regards,
   Sarah, Melbourne

Reinvent Yourself for a Relationship - 1 Day Programme
SUNDAY 6 MARCH 2011 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
(Socialising afterwards!)

Books, eBooks, Seminars, and Telephone/Internet Counseling & Consulting

Jane Roder, the founder of Relationship Remedies is a published author, specializing in dating and relationship self help books and ebooks.

She provides help and advice on relationship problems and has been seen on "Today Tonight", "The Late Date Show 101.9 Fox FM", "The Age", "MX News", "Life Magazine" and on www.singlespodcastingnetwork.com

Hello ... and welcome.

Are you frustrated and fed up with:
Being alone?
Dead end dates or dead end relationships?
The singles scene and the games people play?
Meeting unsuitable partners?
Being treated poorly in relationships?
Prospective partners who just want seduction and sex rather than a relationship?
Being constantly rejected?
Not having the confidence needed to create dating opportunities?
A relationship that isn't fulfilling?
Loss of confidence after separation and divorce?
The pain you still feel from a relationship breakdown?

Have you got to the stage that you feel like you are beating your head against a brick wall because your relationship problems are preventing your life from moving forward?

Being single and in a good relationship today is more challenging than ever before because we have high expectations and poor relationship knowledge and skills.

More and more people are giving up in despair or they are settling for second best, instead of asking the questions ...

  • "What is it about me that is causing my relationship problem to continue? OR
  • "What do I need to do differently to get different results?" OR
  • "Where can I find free relationship help or relationship counseling?" OR
  • "Where can I get some dating help and dating tips?"

If you keep doing what you have always done you will keep getting what you have always gotten"- Author unknown

Often, the solution is to get some relationship help to overcome your dating and relationship problems.

I do not want you to waste any more months or years as life is too precious and short. If you are ready for different results I can get you from A to B with your help, and I GUARANTEE you will start to see and feel the changes in just a few weeks.

My aim is to raise your Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence to help YOU create a good relationship with YOURSELF, as ultimately "YOU" are the creator (and the saboteur) of your relationships and the director of your own life play. Human behaviour psychology reveals 85% of our joy and satisfaction is derived from happy fulfilling relationships. Only 15% of our joy can be contributed to all other sources, for example, material success. Therefore, to realize our full potential it is critical for us to constantly improve our dating and relationship skills.

First and foremost we must have a relationship with ourselves, as "WE" are the most important project we will ever have. Unfortunately most people do not take time out for dating and relationship self help, so they continue doing the same things and keep getting the same results, and then they wonder why everything keeps going wrong in their life. (There is a saying that this is the definition of insanity!).

So why does developing ourselves matter so much and what does does this mean? It matters because every part of our personality and our self worth is expressed in, and reflected by the quality of our relationships.

We now know through all the latest research that a high IQ alone, (our problem solving ability), is not enough to determine our level of success and happiness in life. We must develop our self worth and our emotional and spiritual intelligence as well, as all psychological studies reveal there is a direct correlation between all these factors and our level of interpersonal relationship skills.

Unfortunately most people in our society today suffer from self-loathing. Workaholics, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, obesity, anger, violence, depression, promiscuity, and all other addictive and obsessive behaviours all have one thing in common - low self worth (a lack of love and respect for the self). They start with self loathing and if not addressed, they end with isolation and shame. When we are emotionally blocked by our inner pain "we are in the way" of making a difference to our own life or to anybody else's. We must constantly work on self-worth, self-esteem and self-love.

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it"
- Rumi

"Other people can only like, love and respect us to the same degree we like, love and respect ourselves"
- Jane Roder

If what you desire is greater clarity, self worth, appreciation, love, and certainty I will expand your mind and open your heart to your true potential. I will challenge your current beliefs about dating, love and relationships, and I will offer you new paradigms that will make a difference to your life.

If you are open-minded and COMMITTED to having happy fulfilling relationships, you are at the right place at the right time.

You deserve love,


Published Author of Relationship Books and Relationship Consultant.
Melbourne, Australia


Maybe you don't need counselling or coaching.......just some new insights.
$3.00 per minute - 12PM TO 10 PM Australian Eastern Time.
Click on "Contact Us" to book your preferred day and time with me.




101 Ways To Win A Woman's Heart
How to attract a woman and keep her. The do's and dont's.
The things men must know
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How To Find Your Soul Mate
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The Secrets To Finding Your Soul Mate
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How To Achieve A Successful Separation & Divorce
Separation and divorce doesn't have to be hard and bitter. Practical win-win solutions for all concerned to help overcome the pain and problems of a marriage breakup, separating and divorce.
11 Secrets to Dynamic Relationships - FREE EBOOK.
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